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Looking back, I was never phonetically talented nor was I ever the star athlete or mathematician. I saw my life in colours, flavours and smells. In the kitchen, my senses went into overdrive. This gave birth to a passion nurtured through my various culinary experiences. My hands are my paintbrush, my canvas is the kitchen and my passion is creating dishes that invigorate your senses, and bring family and friends to the table.  This is Gourmet by Design.

Pastry Chef

Baking is a science with room for few mistakes, an art of constant discovery. Precision and organization play an integral role in my baking magic. But it is my creativity and zeal to discover that set me apart and make me Gourmet by Design. 

Gourmet by Design gives special attention to every aspect of its bespoke service. From the staff and their expertise, the food aesthetics and flavours, down to the creative ambiance and communication with the host. Whatever your event commemorates, Gourmet by Design provides the style and finesse to bring it all together.

We create a custom menu based on the information you provide, with ample opportunity to discuss details with our Chef. Gourmet by Design works with you to explore all the possibilities of your menu, to create ideas as a collaborative effort based on your taste and budget. 

Catering Services

For the Gourmet by Design team, it's about being playful with the classics and continuously creating new and adventurous menus. We love the tiny touches.

We know that these small details have a large impact on the guests' overall experience. It doesn't matter if your guest count is 50 or 500, we won't overlook the little things.

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