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Customized Menus

It is not our menu, it is yours. At Gourmet by Design, we collaborate with our clients to achieve their desired setting and menu for any dinner or special event.

Signature Styles

Premium food

Expert coordination

Impeccable service

Our Commitment

Locally sourced produce and the freshest ingredients means food that is remarkable in taste and low in cost.

Create Your Menu
Weekly Deliveries

We offer our meals in an array of courses that you design according to what you and your guests desire. We enjoy taking on traditional meals and recreating them into modern masterpieces.

Busy week? Working with our clients, we create and deliver individual and family meals that can be frozen and eaten throughout the week 

Private / Corporate Events

Whether you are preparing for a private or corporate event, our mandate is to work alongside you in every possible way. If you choose to host your event at your home, our courteous staff will come equipped and ready to take over your kitchen, leaving the entertaining to you. Our corporate division specializes in luncheons, all the while entertaining your clients by leveraging our unique cocktail hours.

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Grazing Table

Let our creative team construct  a master culinary centerpiece for your invited guest.

The grazing table allows you to create a spectacular table of food that acts as a edible centerpiece 
This multi-level table  allows your guest to gather around while enjoying a multitude of delicacies that you along with our chefs select.

Artisan cheeses, cured meat, pâtés, onion compote, crostini, pita chips, various dips,

roasted & spiced nuts, chocolates, fresh & dried fruits, olives & pickled produce

herbs for decor & conceptions, seafood, wine, tartar, smoked salmon


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Who we are

Gourmet by Design is inspired by fresh produce, the right ingredients, and cooking together. No recipe required, we create culinary masterpieces through experimentation, experience and generous servings of love. 

Nourishing body, mind and soul, we deliver seasonal goods to your table so you can enjoy the best tasting, freshest and healthiest food. With the same fork, you support local farmers and community businesses. 

Our Clients

Our business revolves around our clients

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"Anybody can make you enjoy the first bite of a dish, but only a real chef can make you enjoy
the last."

- Francois Minot -